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The Trophy Wife Divorce

What begins as a pre-nuptial dispute between a wealthy couple during divorce mediation transpires into something sinister. When mediation fails, divorce attorney Beth Mancini travels with her client, Karen Jacoby, to her secluded beach cottage on Cayo Costa to decompress. But when a masked assailant attacks the women, Karen’s husband is blamed and arrested. Both spouses are called into question during the criminal trial, but who is truly guilty: the controlling, unfaithful husband, or the money-loving trophy wife? Secrets will be exposed and truths revealed as the lawyers battle for the jury’s verdict.

The Hooker, the Dancer and the Nun

Betrayal and secrets abound in this legal thriller set in the coastal waters of Pine Island, Florida. When three former college roommates, all recently divorced, embark on a girls’ weekend to reignite their strained friendship, horror ensues. One woman goes missing, one turns up dead in the water, and the third is arrested.

Pineland Gold

From author John D. Mills comes the next installment in his legal thriller series, Pine Island Sound Mysteries. When Frank Powers and Beth Mancini travel to Pineland, Florida for their friends’ wedding, they never imagine that the joyous event will end in tragedy. What begins as a group hunt for buried gold dissolves into a grisly murder scene when two people are found dead and a suspect is arrested. Frank, along with his legal rival, Charley Kline, battle for the jury’s verdict, unraveling dark secrets as the story surges toward its shocking conclusion.

Cayo Costa Cross

Jim McKenzie will stop at nothing to save his daughter . . .When Jim leaves home in search of work to pay for his daughter’s tuberculosis treatment, he gambles his hope on a stolen gold and jewel encrusted cross. But the price of his treachery is high, and he is no match for the wilds of 1910 Cayo Costa, FL.Lynn Chapman never knew the cost of family legacy . . .Bequeathed an old note from an ancestor, Lynn knows the story of her family’s lost fortune—of the golden cross once buried on the island of Cayo Costa and never found. Her husband Bobby has also heard the tales of the cross, the lust of fortune a poison simmering in his veins. Their relationship ripped apart by lies and greed, Lynn and Bobby will fight divorce attorneys, ancient stories, and each other in the hopes of first discovering the missing golden cross. It’s a battle of wits, and the price might indeed be deadlier than either could have ever imagined.

Captiva Coven (release date 7/1/24)

Four young women from different parts of the world become friends while
working at South Seas Resort on Captiva in 2002. During their friendship, they
discover they have an uncanny bond – they all come from a legacy of witches.
One night while camping on a deserted beach under a full moon, they decide to
form their own coven to bind them together forever. They agree to return every
ten years to celebrate their friendship cemented by forming their own coven.

Over the next twenty years, two of the witches are murdered in sadistic
ways. When the police are not able to solve the murders, the two remaining
members of the Captiva Coven decide to investigate and find the responsible
person. Once the two remaining witches figure out who is responsible for their
friends’ grisly murders, they decide to administer their own version of justice.

Reasonable and Necessary

When Dr. Chad Elsworth is sued for malpractice following the death of one of his patients, he agrees to collaborate with attorney Karen Senard to expose the cost-cutting HMO that refuses funding for life-saving treatments.

But Elsworth’s cooperation poses a larger threat than he realizes: To secure their pending buyout with a larger insurance company, the HMO executives will try anything to silence the accusations made against them…by whatever means necessary.

Set against the oscillating backdrops of Atlanta and Cabbage Kay, "Reasonable and Necessary" offers thrills and explosive conflict that will have readers guessing until the very end.

The Manatee Murders

When three beheaded manatees are discovered floating in Pine Island Sound, Detective Doug Shearer begins one of the most intense investigations of his career. A local commercial fisherman is arrested, but when two more manatees wind up dead, Doug suspects that more than just one killer. With the aid of prosecutor Roger Barklett, Doug endeavors to solve the crime, even as his personal life falls to shambles. Will he be able to pick up the pieces in time?

The Objector

Detective Doug Shearer doesn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary when he takes a brief vacation with his girlfriend at a Cabbage Key fishing tournament. But when he discovers a body floating in the water, he ends his vacation prematurely and embarks on the murder investigation of one of the most notorious and despised lawyers in Ft. Myers. Gritty and gut-wrenching, The Objector delivers suspense, thrills, lost love, and tragedy all rolled into one tenacious tale.

Sworn Jury

When a lawyer is found murdered in a Model T Ford in the historic Edison Home,
the quest for justice ensues. Defense attorney Ray Harrison fights to defend his client, Dallas
Kelley, against the brutal and damning accusations of prosecutor Brian Spere. The stakes are
stacked higher and higher as evidence mounts, and the personal lives of both attorneys throw
harsh light onto the proceedings. A courtroom thriller that mixes history and enigma, Sworn
Jury is heated with intrigue, flared tempers, and twisted love affairs that will have readers
begging for more.